The 5 Pillars Leadership Renaissance Model

One of our goals is to offer a framework and architecture to develop not only leaders, but great leaders in the culinary and restaurant industry and beyond. Through great leadership, great teams and cultures are developed in which employees and others can thrive get in their professional and personal lives. Keep looking here for a continuing education and excerpts on leadership. We will be introducing our team in the days ahead.


The 1st Pillar is the art and science of influencing others for a specific goal. The purpose of leadership is to serve others. Humility, Confidence, Perseverance, Determination, Followership, Mental Toughness and initiative are core traits we look for in our leaders.


The 2nd Pillar is to recognize that a continual and lifelong process of educating yourself and others in both the personal and professional environments. Use the many tools available such as seminars, podcasts, online education, local schools, audio books and other leaders in pursuit of this lifelong endeavor.


This 3rd Pillar is a core tenant and result of effective leadership. Team synergy where the output is far greater than each individual input. A great team and teammate always operate with the Mission and Vision in mind, is a self-starter and puts others before themselves.

Relationship Building

This 4th Pillar is the recognition and essences of knowing we have to build trust with others to be effective, purposeful and fulfilled in our lives. Developing good relationships up, down and across our organizational structures is essential to effective and purposeful leadership. Communication, trust, empathy and follow through are core traits we look for in those building relationships.

Cultural Ethos

This 5th and Final Pillar is the central tenant and result of great leadership. It is the blood, oxygen or operating system that allows an organization, team and person to work together in support of the Mission and Vision with autonomy, independence and purpose. Great leadership, teamwork, education tools, relationships, making each other better, and inspiration across the company spectrum will result in a culture that people will love to part of and work within. Know the WHY of what you do and communicate that is a key component of that culture.

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