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Latin Supper Club Series


Our Mission:

To Educate and Elevate Latin cuisine and chefs and bring people together to just be present and enjoy the moment, food, and friends.

Our Vision:

To Educate and Elevate the discussion around Latin food. Specifically, the tastes, textures, and culture around each region.


The Latin Supper Club Series is designed to be an extension of the Hispanic Top Chef and be a platform to highlight and offer the best of Hispanic and Latin Chefs and showcase those talents and food craftsmanship to the culinary world. 

Our goal at the HRA and HCA is to offer this platform to push the Chef to be the best at his craft and offer it to the world.  Selected by the leadership of the HRA and HCA under the mantle of El Camino al la Cumbre- In pursuit of a standard of excellence. Meaning we want the Latin Chef always striving for the culinary summit. It will be an uphill battle but a worthwhile journey.  With your help and effort this excellence will be rewarded as you climb the professional and personal mountains before you. Each Chef chosen to represent the Latin supper Club brand will be chosen by the leadership of the HRA and HCA.

  • Must be a Hispanic Restaurant Association or Hispanic Chef's Association member

  • The goal is to be a family-style dinner at a nice venue

  • Menu will be driven by the Executive Chef and Latin-themed

  • Goal is to be held once per month at each location

  • Must be an HRA sponsor to be mentioned in HRA media

  • Conversation Guide: The Art of Conversation and Character

  • Talk about family, friends, and life -- learn about one another 

  • Discussion of politics is highly discouraged

  • We request cell phone usage be minimal and never be used at the table

  • Try to use farm-to-table products and local producers of vegetables 

  • Use local/seasonal products and vendors as practically possible

  • Contact us to join/host, and we will help your develop a Latin Supper Club series



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